Saturday, July 3, 2010

Tailor Made Orientation

Orientation programs are designed to familiarize new employees with their roles, the organization and policies, as well as other employees. The benefits of a properly implemented orientation program are extensive, including:

• Reduce employee turnover
• Establish clear job and organizational expectations
• Reduce errors and save time
• Improve job performance
• Attain acceptable job performance levels faster
• Reduce employee anxiety
• Increase organizational stability, and
• Reduce instances of corrective discipline
The startup costs of new employees, including the reduced rate of efficiency and the need of supervising are very significant, strengthening the requirement for a proper orientation program.

However, an off-the-rack Orientation Program may not suffice. The difference between keeping newly acquired talent or loosing valuable fresh employees can be assured through a properly implemented Orientation Program that is fitted to the organization and its distinct features.

Efficiently introducing new employees to the unique culture of the organization and avoiding the many pitfalls of failed orientation (including overwhelming, underwhelming, and an overload of forms) are some of the benefits of a customized Orientation Program, leading to successful hiring and lowering of early turnover costs.

Like a well-tailored suit, Orientation Program quality is found in both the material and the fit.

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